Freitag, 5. November 2010

Travelling to London

Hey out there!

Right now it's lunchtime. And I thought of giving you a quick insight into my experiences I made while being in London. First of all you've gotta know that I planned all this, so I spent hours and hours of planning and searching the net for the best.
Well … although I have a fear of hights the flight was great, because I spent most of the time with Sudoku or crossword puzzles while listening to MCR <3

Then, arriving in London (actually first at Stansted Airport and then travelling by train to Liverpool Street), we were searching our hotel. As on the website described we went to Kings Cross and then into a street in the near of it. There should be the hotel. But as we got in, the desk clerk told us we were in the wrong hotel. The other one is on the other side of town and we shall go there. She said that happens often … -.-'

Well … and then, finally we got there and were dripping with sweat. I expected original english weather and got the Tropes … After changing our clothes we went to Kensington Gardens which were not so far away from our hotel. I searched the whole Gardens for the Peter Pan statue and found it finally as we went back to our hotel ^^

Actually it was good, that our hotel wasn't in the near of Kings Cross, because this our hotel near Kensington Gardens was surrounded by so much good and inexpensive restaurants like a Chinese one, an Italian, McDonalds, Subway, Burger King etc. and some food markets like Spar or asian markets (I loved this one because there you can buy those tea in bottles which is often a bit too sweet but sooooo delicious!!). In this street there were three Shisha bars with nice people in there - with whom we watched the Soccer World Cup ^^

Hm … that's all about the location.
I guess tomorrow or when I can afford the time I'll write what we've visited. I hope my travelogue could catch me some readers by now. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did by writing this.

Love to you out there

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