Samstag, 6. November 2010

Travelling to London Part II - 1. Some Special Places

Hi, lot
it's me again ^^

I guess, you wanna know what our cute little group of five people visited in London.
Writing all of it down, would be too much, but I got some special visits I wanna share with you:

1. Some special places

First of all, one of the most visited and crowded places is, as you may know but not think of, the tube. There are a lot of people every day and sometimes you can spot some musicians or other artists there. I had a lot of fun discovering the city by tube. At Westminster, for instance, I've seen a really great musician, who sang »No Woman No Cry«, as I remember. I wanted to make him famous by filming him and later put it on Facebook, but I wasn't successful …
Well … The underground is such a great place to discover new kinds of arts and new kinds of artists, so don't miss it!

Oxford Street. Such a great place, so wonderful. I loved to walk it up and down. But there's one perfumer's shop, that opened up the day I strolled around with my good friend Alina. We went for a shopping tour down the Oxford Street and were surprised by a man's voice. »Just here, just today, just til 7 o'clock!« You got three or four perfumes for free when you bought one at a lower price than it is normal.
And I still could kick myself, because I didn't buy those … There was such a wonderful perfume called Bling and it was, as far as I remember, not from Mariah Carey (it could be only this Bling Lollipop Honey …) … I'm so sad about it and even Google can't help me, because the Street View is from a time before this store opened up. So I guess I'll have to wait for my next visit to London … :(
But there's not just this great shop in Oxford Street.
A few shops further away there's Whittard of Chelsea, the most wonderful teashop I've ever seen. Full of fruit tea (I get stomachache of it, but nevermind ^^), black tea, white tea, green tea, herbal tea and some special flavoured teas. I loved being there and I refused going home … ^^
If you like tea in some way, you shall go there when you're in London.
And if you are a Disney-Fan, you shall search it too in Oxford Street, because there's a big store where you can buy costumes for carneval (actually these are for children), pencils and other schoolstuff or plush toys.

So then, good night, dear reader,
I'm gonna get some rest now,
tomorrow I guess I'll write about my horror experiences with London as we went to some creepy places (haha)

Sleep tight out there,
xoxo Catherine

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