Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

Got something nice and inexpensive for you hihi

Hello, out there :]

After a while offline, writing for my book, I thought of telling you about my latest purchase: The 2 in 1 hand & nail balm from Essence :] It's inexpensive and so nice! I just love it! I do love the smell of it so much!!
You always have to smell at it, since you put on this fruity hand balm <3>
Your hands feel soft and you can hardly resist t
his odour. And I can't wait for buying the others after using up this hand balm!

Take a look at the essence page, maybe you'll find something you'd like. :)

Actually, I bought something more, but I hadn't had the time to test it, so I can't write about it now … xD

greetings, Catherine.

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