Sonntag, 7. November 2010

Travelling to London Part III - 2. The Creepy Experiences

Hey :)

First, I wanted to go to sleep, after watching »Rebel without a cause« starring James Dean, but I can't sleep or … don't wanna go to sleep. I'm not that tired … As always in those Saturday Nights …
Hm … by the way, I guess I shall watch Saturday Night Fever soon … hihi

If you want to go to the London Bridge Experience and Tombs or The Dungeons without knowing anything about it, then you shall not read this!

So … It's night, dark, dark night and I wanna tell you what creepy experiences I made in London. Actually, it was just one real creepy experience. My friends and me went to the The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs and first, it was kinda nice, funny for us, a bit creepy for the kids in there. As they said, the first part of the tour is ending here and the children under 16 shall go out (as far as I remember it was 16) and people who are pregnant, have asthma or heart problems (etc.) I laughed and thought they just wanna scare off fraidy cats. As we went to the tombs then, it wasn't as funny as I thought. I was the first in the queue, because we had go in single file and I lost heart. There, in front of me, was just this impervious darkness … Gosh, me and my friends were desperately searching for a strong, big guy to get him for the first one in the row. And we found someone.

A guy, I guess he was about 40, who was m
y hero and still is. If he'll read this someday, I have to thank him now: THANK YOU, YOU BRAVE MAN!! <3>all swore like troopers … The last station was the worst … Before, we went through a child's room with clowns all over the place … Nothing happened, that made us nearly go nuts … You always expect something after the next corner, but there wasn't anything.
And as we got into the butcher's shop (the last station), we heard that noise. That horrible noise you'll never wanna hear. That dreadful noise you never listen to with such a fear when it appears in a horror movie. But then, as I heard it right in front of me, I knew that the only way to end all this was running away. Me and the brave man ran for our lives, right out of the next door and found ourselves in the gift shop.
I was so happy that it had come to an end, but was covered in sweat. The man was brave, but was sweaty like all of us, too. But the gift shop was very nice :) I bought a cute
puppet, I wanna show you. It's very nice. And so twee!!

This is that cute little pal, but … he has no name. So please, help him to a name :)

Well … as we got out, we were so happy, that we could've cried. But we didn't ^^
Hm … and then, a few days later, we wanted to get the kick again and went to the Dungeons, which we thought would be as creepy as the London Bridge Experience should be. Hm … well, it was kinda great, because we got to know much about London's history (like Jack the Ripper or the great fire in 1666 …) It was really interesting, but not really creepy. A bit, as we got to Sweeney Todd, but I was laughing all the time, because I was singing silently »Priest, have a little Priest« from the movie during the whole station because I couldn't get it outta my head … ^^
Actually, the funniest part of this whole thing was the fact, that the man who sold us the tickets (we bought them near Victoria Station) didn't understood us as we said we wanted to buy tickets for the Dungeons. (I guess our talk wasn't »London« enough so he didn't understood us ^^)

So, dears, I wanna say good night, thanks for reading me,
love to you, as always, Catherine.


  1. Ahhh der Kleine ist ja süß! Der sieht aus wie nen Mr. Button Head! xD
    Danke noch für dein Kommi! ^^

  2. Bitte gern, freut mich, dass du hier drin ein wenig stöberst und sogar was gefunden hast hihi :)

    Liebe Grüße,