Freitag, 26. November 2010

All I want for Christmas is you ♩♫

This picture is from Thomas Kinkade, one of my favourite artists :)

Hey out there :]

I was abscent now for a little while, because I have a typewriter's cramp … :( I still have, but I can't resist writing … ^^
So … Today as I looked out my window I saw that it snowed over night. Oh, I missed this view that much ❤ Wintertime without snow wouldn't be wintertime anymore, right? So I thought of listening to some christmas songs … Oh yes … And I wanted to list my favourite christmas songs now :) -> This list is not a Top 10, the numbers are just like the songs got to my mind.

1. All I want for Christmas is you (My Chemical Romance - Original from Mariah Carey)
I love this song, I always think of a warm cup of tea, swathed in a quilt with my cute boyfriend and eating some Christmas cookies <3

2. Frosty the Snowman (as I got this mp3 it was tagged as sung from Dean Martin … could that be?)
Aw … I could listen to it all year long, because everytime when I'm sad I'm listening to it, because it's so beatifying! <3

3. The Christmas CD from the »Schürzenjäger« (a folk music group from Tyrol - Zillertal)
In fact I don't even like the songs on this CD, but my mom plays them since 1993 and they belong to Christmas like the tree … I just get into Christmas mood when I hear those songs and I think that's awful! Do I really have to listen to some music my mom always listened to (and I don't like) just to get into Christmas mood? Do I have to buy this CD when I move into my own four walls? Aw!

4. Oh come, Oh come, Emanuel (Enya)
Actually, I've never seen it as a Christmas song, because I'm listening to it when I'm writing for my book … :) But I think it's a really great song and … makes me so thoughtful …

5. The little drummer boy
I love this song since I've heard it as a little girl on the radio :) I always wait for this song to play when we have holidays in my Gran's kitchen …

6. Winter Wonderland
A little boy or a little girl sang it once and I wonder what's her or his name … I once found it, but then forgot the name and now I'm searching ever since for it … :( Could anybody help?
I like every version of this song, but one of my favourite's is the one that appeared in Spongebob Squarepants (oh I love him <3)

7. Do they know it's Christmas time (Band aid)
It's simply touching.

8. The music from the Nutcracker musical (Tchaikovsky)
Tchaikovsky is one of the most gifted composer. And the Nutcracker-music (like the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy, the Nutcracker Suite, …) <3

9. Happy Christmas (John Lennon and Yoko Ono)
We always sang it when we had our holy mass on Christmas with the school … :)

10. Number 10 is for every nice little Christmas jingle (not the annoying ones ^^) that can't be named in here because either they have no name or I don't know the names hihi

I hope you enjoyed my little Top10 as I did and maybe you're listening to the songs this evening because of me … :D Grab yourself a hot cup of tea or chocolate, a quilt and get yourself into Christmas mood. And don't forget the mistletoe :)

Love to you,

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